Get involved… it’s for your health!

There are lots of opportunities to get involved at Grant.  Think about what you enjoy doing, how do you spend your time, what abilities do you have that you could share?  Sharing your time and skills can have a positive impact on your health; studies have shown that people who are more social and more philanthropic live longer, happier lives. 1, 2, 3*  The big push is usually to do it for the children…, but it turns out, you’re also doing it for yourself!

So, sign up to get involved and feel better!  Take a minute to fill out our survey of your skills and interests and we’ll get you plugged in and improving your health in no time!  And, if you’re feeling especially altruistic, rope in a buddy as well!

*I didn’t read the full articles, just the parts that supported my blog post, so please don’t think Boosters condones, supports, funds, disapproves, refutes, or otherwise thinks anything at all about the linked news articles.